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Our goal
ROMP will be able to provide prosthetic devices to patients in remote areas in Guatemala.
The Challenge

Many people with amputations in Latin America lack access to prosthetic care

People become immobile not by broken bodies, but by broken rehabilitation systems; not by missing limbs, but by missing prostheses. Since 2005, The Range Of Motion Project (ROMP), has been the category leader in improving human mobility and unlocking human potential of people living with amputation. We stand in solidarity with the most vulnerable people with disabilities in the Western Hemisphere, fighting the barriers of poverty and broken or non-existent rehabilitation systems that they face.

80% of the worlds amputees living developing countries, like Guatemala, but less than 3% of those individuals have access to care. ROMP was founded in 2005 with the mission of providing high-quality prosthetic care in underserved populations, enabling their mobility and unlocking their human potential. Since that time, it has operated one of the most important prosthetics clinics in Guatemala, providing high-quality care to thousands of people with amputation from throughout the region.

In 2013, ROMP-Guatemala launched a mobile clinical program that brings prosthetic care to patients in remote communities of Latin America. This mobile clinic has proven to be extremely effective in addressing the barriers that can prevent patients from accessing ongoing prosthetic care. Unfortunately, the vehicle, that served as ROMP's mobile clinic was stolen in May 2017. Thus, bringing mobile clinic operations to a long painful halt and leaving hundreds of individuals without access to care. 

Our Solution

ROMP will purchase and out fit a new vehicle, so that mobile clinical operations can resume

While it is an important piece of the puzzle, a prosthesis alone cannot “bring someone back” following an amputation. There are other categories of need and desire—education, work, socialization—that persist after the prosthesis has been fit. A new mobile clinic, will allow ROMP's Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program to provide a suite of comprehensive services in some of the most remote areas in Guatemala. 

Your Impact

ROMP's mobile clinic will directly care for hundreds of patients in rural communities

ROMP's mobile clinic will greatly improve access to prosthetic care for people with amputation in Latin America. Furthermore, it will play a key role in the implementation of the 2018 Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) project. Disability, poverty, and vulnerability form a vicious cycle that affects people with amputations and their families. Through these services, ROMP will empower people with amputation to regain mobility in all areas of their life. 

$20,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 90%-Purchasing a new mobile clinic

  • 10%-Outfitting new mobile clinic

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