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Our goal
Ensure adolescents have social connections, affirmative environments, and access to services.
The Challenge

Reduce isolation and increase connection for LGBTQ Youth

LGBTQ youth are too often victims of violence, bullying, and social isolation. Given this climate, they are at particular risk for emotional distress, self harm, substance abuse, and academic failure. Families and communities often do not have the understanding, skills, or resources to support their youth.

Our Solution

Support groups give teens a safe environment to learn and grow

HiTOPS Teen Center is a welcoming environment encouraging adolescents to develop their own personal identity and safely grapple with physical, emotional, and sexual health topics. Our Teen Center's youth groups, and leadership programming, are a place where LGBTQ youth and their allies gather for support, community, and skill development. To ensure equal access, HiTOPS is committed to offering services free of charge.

- HiTOPS Teen Council (Peer Leadership Program)
- 1st and 3rd ( Youth Group for LGBTQ adolescents and those exploring issues of gender and sexual orientation)
- LBGTQ Parent Support Group
- T-Connect (specifically for Transgender community)
- Pride2Pride Mentoring Program
- Community Adolescent Events Throughout Year
- Emerging Adult LGBTQ Support Group (ages 18-28)

Your Impact

By donating, you ensure LGBTQ+ youth have the opportunity to become the best versions of themselves.

HiTOPS is committed to providing free and confidential services. For many of the youth that come to HiTOPS is the only opportunity to engage – they are not able to afford fees that often accompany youth programming. In some cases our youth may come from families with resources, but their exploration of gender identify or orientation is not yet accepted and they have to hide their identity, which limits their access to funds. Our free and confidential services meet youth where they are!

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    Off Site Learning Experiences

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