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Our goal
We want each Veteran with PTSD who needs & wants a Service Dog to have one so they can flourish.
The Challenge

Improve the quality of life for Veterans who have PTSD.

Post service Veterans may become isolated because of their service and the resulting disability. There are 22 Veterans a day who commit suicide because of their inability to re-assimilate into civilian life.

The Veteran's Administration does not provide Service Dogs for Veterans with PTSD and the associated morbidities. Service Dog organizations that provide dogs to Veterans with PTSD have a 3 to 5 year waiting list. Service Dogs can cost upwards of $50,000. Most Veterans can not afford to wait nor do they have the funds for a dog.

Our Solution

Service Dogs can save a Veteran's life.

A Kaiser Permanente study indicated that veterans with Service Dogs had less PTSD, less depression, less substance abuse and better interpersonal relationships. Our experts will select puppies that have the appropriate temperament and match the personalities of the puppy and the Veteran. With an owner-trainer program the training is done by the owner under supervision of trainers so the cost is far less. By donating, you will be able to see how you helped change a life.

Your Impact

Your $4000 donation can save the life of a Veteran

By providing a Veteran with PTSD a dog to train as a Service Dog we not only prevent suicide but also provide them with the means to get back out in public, increase their interpersonal communication skills and teach them new skills. A Service Dog provides the Veteran with something to live for and someone who cares about them and their wellbeing. Each donation provides for the purchase of an appropriate dog to train and a full scholarship to the owner-trainer program.

$4,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 59%-Purchase of Puppy

  • 37%-Full Scholarship

  • 4%-Equipment fee

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