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Provide supplies and food for a local homeless shelter



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Our goal
To provide necessary supplies and food items to the homeless in Baton Rouge, LA.
The Challenge

The women and children staying at the shelter don't have quality food and living supplies.

Several women and small children come through the doors of St. Agnes shelter at times of hardship, the sisters provide love and kindness, but need materials to do it better. Sometimes they stay for 3 weeks or longer. The Mother Teresa sisters need better quality supplies and food to give to the women and children, so they will have a better time recuperating before getting a job and moving out of the shelter.

Our Solution

Donations will allow Elam volunteers to purchase needed supplies and food.

Thanks to Caring Crowd matching we will double our funds raised and will be able to provide supplies throughout the year. We will be providing bed sheets, towels, food items, snacks, and whatever else the shelter may need. This will help the sisters take better care of the people.

Your Impact

With your donation we can provide much better quality care.

Your donation will be used to buy necessary living supplies and good food for the people staying at the shelter during there time of need.

$500 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 28%-Food

  • 20%-Bed sheets and pillows

  • 20%-Toiletries

  • 20%-Towels

  • 12%-Trash bags for 1 year