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Provide a water purifier to a public village hospital.



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Our goal
We want to purchase water purifiers so that the hospital has access to clean and safe water.
The Challenge

The current hospital at VAITHEESWARAN does not have a water purifier

As a hospital, one of the most basic machinery that is needed, is a water purifier. Without this basic machine, staff struggle to provide adequate care towards patients. By raising enough funds, we can provide this for the hospital, so that they have access to clean drinking water, or for cleaning uses.

Our Solution

We want to raise enough money to buy water purifiers

By raising enough money, we will be able to provide a clean and safe source of water. This water can be used for drinking, cleaning and sterilization of tools. General health can also improve as people can wash their hands with clean water.

Your Impact

By donating even a small amount of $1, you can contribute.

Donating in small increments can help towards this goal. We can set up fundraisers and different events. It will increase the amount of people the hospital can hold and the quality of the service.

$1,900 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 84%-Purchase water purifiers

  • 8%-Maintenance

  • 5%-Installation

  • 3%-Stipe fees/ wire transfer

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