let's work together to

Provide women in Ghana with prosthetics after mastectomy



Our goal
The goal of this campaign is to provide 600 prosthetics to women in Ghana after mastectomy.
The Challenge

Giving back some dignity to breast cancer survivors in Ghana

"What completes us is much more in life than breast prosthetics." Tell that to an African woman who is diagnosed with breast cancer and has to undergo a mastectomy! Her courage to fight is threatened by the stigmas all around her, knowing that most women going through treatments are ostracized, lose husbands, or are shunned from their community. A woman earns about $75 a month in Ghana: this goes a long way to support her family, but leaves no room for anything else.

Our Solution

Helping women feel complete inside and out.

After stigmas, humiliation and feeling incomplete, a woman suffers changes that are not only physical but also psychological.
Appearing complete in social surroundings is priceless; when a woman's "look" connects with how she feels, her self- confidence, is a gift she cannot be robbed of. The stigmas around an African woman and her environment are heart-breaking. In Africa, reconstructive surgery is out of reach for most, leaving too many women feeling imperfect.

Your Impact

Trading Knotted Knockers for Prosthetic

Most African women are prideful. When we feel sorry for her because we notice she is missing a breast, it is devastating and humiliating for her. A simple prosthetic can help improve her body image and posture. When fighting breast cancer the need to save her life becomes a priority, leaving the emotional and physical aftermath for her to figure out on her own. PFA works with local hospital to reach women who might not seek help because of cultural constraints.

$16,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 76%-Prosthetics and packaging

  • 11%-Shipping prosthetics

  • 7%-Food for recipients

  • 3%-Stripe fee

  • 3%-Transportation to dispense