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Raise stroke awareness and promote rehabilitation



Our goal
Work together to provide information, rehabilitation, and support to stroke survivors and families.
The Challenge

Stroke survivors and families often have a long road to recovery through rehabilitation

It is important for stroke survivors and families to have a community of support that embraces education and rehabilitation. Both group sessions and individual sessions are important for skill-building to improve speech, counseling, cognition, memory, and counseling related to behavioral and emotional changes. The unfortunate reality is that many families cannot fund these initiatives and rehabilitation often does not meet the potential.

Our Solution

Raise money to support organizations that provide stroke awareness, rehabilitation, and support.

Per the National Stroke Association: More than 7 million Americans are stroke survivors. Stroke is the 5th leading cause of death. Did you know up to 80% of strokes are preventable?

Stroke recovery is a lengthy process that begins in a hospital, moves to an inpatient rehab facility, and continues at home. The costs associated with rehabilitation are staggering and often limit the full potential of rehabilitation. Many stroke survivors and care givers look to outreach programs for assistance.

Your Impact

By donating $10 to this cause you can help patients and families in stroke rehabilitation journey.

Your donation of $10 will help support programs that assist stroke survivors and caregivers with enhanced rehabilitation in skill building to help improve speech, cognition, and memory, and counseling to improve coping related to emotional and behavioral changes.

$5,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 50%-To support group rehab

  • 50%-To support skill building

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