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Repair an ambulance to provide emergency care in Warangal



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Our goal
Repair of an ambulance at Bannu hospital in Eturnagaram, Warangal district of Telangana Tribal area
The Challenge

There are no nearby hospitals covering 800 Sqkms in Tribal region of Eturnagaram, Warangal district

There is an immense deficit of basic primary and secondary health care medical services in our service areas of Eturnagaram, Thadvai, Mangapeta, Mulugu, and Govindaraopet of the Warangal district. There is only one qualified private doctor serving a population of 100,000. The government hospitals in each mandal are not open at all times and do not have the necessary emergency services/facilities. There is no Government ambulance. Bannu hospital provides the only ambulance for this population.

Currently, this ambulance is in repair, so the tribal population and the villagers are facing extreme difficulty in transporting patients- elderly and pregnant women in serious condition are being transported on a cot by people in rough terrain. This is dangerous and also delays care. Even accident victims are not able to get care immediately due to ambulance repair. Even when they reach a local center, they are not receiving emergency care due to a lack of necessary equipment in the ambulance.

Our Solution

Provide ambulance for transport of pregnant women, elders/ children for emergency care to the Bannu

Bannu hospital normally receives emergency phone calls from nearby tribal hamlets children and women bitten by snakes during nights. Repairing our ambulance will provide immediate transportation and timely treatment to save many lives. We are also planning to upgrade Bannu hospital with facilities for emergency treatment. The ambulance itself will be upgraded to have the emergency treatment equipment and medicines.

Your Impact

Ready access to emergency medical care for tribal population/ villagers

Your donation will provide transportation to pregnant women, accident victims, elders, and children during emergencies to reach the Bannu hospital covering 800 Sqkms of tribal hamlets. 100,000 people will be benefited from the knowledge that they have an ambulance available anytime. More lives can be saved by upgrading the ambulance so they will have on-the-field treatment to stabilize the patient before reaching a hospital.

$3,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 50%-Up

  • 50%-Repair the existing ambulance

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