Two billion people have no access to basic surgical care. In fact, the world’s poorest 1/3 receive only 3.5% of all the surgeries performed worldwide. Small-scale medical providers that serve the poor are an important component of the solution. However, they are often overstretched, under-budgeted, and poorly equipped to drive larger scale change. In addition, directing resources effectively to them requires extensive due-diligence and ongoing communication.

That’s where Samahope fits in. Samahope identifies high-impact but under-resourced local providers, and connects them to capital and strategic support. Access to a consistent source of revenue coupled with investments in training and infrastructure can amplify the impact of existing health care providers, enabling them to treat a larger number of patients and to build-up local healthcare capacity. All of our medical partners have a track record of fiscal discipline, excellence in patient outcomes and a commitment to reaching patients in need.