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Save 50 Children's Lives in Orphanage in Haiti



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Our goal
Provide 50 children living in terrible conditions basic needs, medical care and an education.
The Challenge

Every child deserves hope for their future.

Children living in orphanages are the most vulnerable and voiceless in society and most often do not get their basic needs met including healthcare and education. We located a dilapidated orphanage in the mountainous town of Kenscoff, Haiti, just outside of the capital Port-au-Prince. There were 50 children ages 2-18 who were severely malnourished and had no one to care for them. In addition, these children had never attended school.

Our Solution

Provide these children with what they need to survive and hopefully thrive.

With heavy yet determined hearts, our staff got to work immediately to provide 3 nutritious meals per day, hire a cook to prepare the meals and caretakers to not only provide the children with kindness and nurturing and assured that the children no longer had to carry out arduous chores to maintain the household. After we were certain the children's basic needs were met we enrolled them in school. The children were so proud to put on their uniforms and attend school with the other children.

The story of children trapped in orphanages with scarce resources is not uncommon and solutions are not always easy, but by focusing on one child at a time we can change the world. For this orphanage we put in place caretakers, a nutritious menu, enrolled children in school and ensured their security. Because of these interventions their lives were saved.

We need your help in sustaining these essential programs.

Your Impact

By donating just $25 you can provide a child with food for a month!

Most of your donation will be going directly toward basic needs programs to improve the lives of children living in an orphanage in Kenscoff, while the other part of your donation will go toward offering these children the opportunity to attend school and change the trajectory of their lives through education. Your donation goes directly towards these programs and every cent is managed and accounted for by our team.

Pledge spending
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    Food & clean water

  • 25% -

    School tuition

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Our milestones
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