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Our goal
No child should die due to lack of health care
The Challenge

Save A Child or Feed The Other

In India, public hospitals don't always have the medicines or equipment necessary to care for children with life-threatening conditions. Some parents cannot afford care in private hospitals, while the necessary treatment is not available in public hospitals. Imagine a parent having to choose between saving one child vs. feeding the other children. Ekam brings lasting change by reinforcing the public health system and saving children.

Our Solution

Access to comprehensive affordable health care

Babies and mothers will be saved by your donation sent to Ekam. Ekam provides trained nurses, arranges free physician services, subsidized hospitalization costs and connects Government funds and private donors like you with the child in need.

Since 2009, Ekam has saved 12,000 children and reached 1 million lives through medical care. Ekam's work at grassroots level in villages caused early referral and easy access to treatment- Infant mortality rate.

Your Impact

Successful reduction of child mortality

Infant mortality rate (IMR) has decreased from 21 to 16 per 1,000 liver births where Ekam operates in India, in the state of Tamil Nadu. We hope to spread this throughout the country and simulate the successful model elsewhere. IMR is 42 in India, compared to Tamil Nadu's current rate of 16.

$1,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 70%-Direct treatment cost

  • 10%-Transport and support team

  • 10%-Medical help line, triage team

  • 10%-Identifying children in need

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