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Our goal
Train local doctors and nurses to improve treatment of critically injured patients in Cameroon.
The Challenge

In Cameroon, obtaining safe and expedient medical care after injury is not currently a reality.

Imagine that you are traveling home one evening when out of nowhere, you are hit by an oncoming car. Now, obviously, this would be terrible; nobody WANTS to get injured. However, the good news is that you probably live in a place where the system will help you to get the care that you need. Unfortunately, in many places in sub-Saharan Africa, obtaining safe and expedient medical care after injury is not currently a reality.

We reasonably expect that hospital care meets medical and surgical standards and is carefully documented and reviewed. In Cameroonian hospitals, little record keeping occurs which makes it very difficult to detect mistakes, problems with injury care, and areas for improvement. Lack of adequate injury care can lead to devastating consequences. In fact, more people die from injury in Cameroon than from tuberculosis and malaria combined.

With the Ministry of Public Health’s partnership, the Center began implementing a National Trauma Registry for Cameroon in 2015. Through this data collection tool, we now have information on the care of 8,000+ injured Cameroonians. With this data, we have been able to identify many areas of care provision where small changes could have a big impact on saving lives. Often, these changes in care provision are simple procedures that can prevent avoidable deaths that just aren’t being done now.

Our Solution

We will train local providers to improve the quality of care they deliver to injured patients.

We will organize and lead a multi-site team of local doctors, nurses, and hospital staff in reviewing current treatment and outcomes data on injured patients presenting to 3 regional hospitals in Cameroon. Looking back at anything you’ve done can reveal insights as to what you could do better the next time around. We want to bring health care providers in Cameroon together to be able to review the data we have been collecting about the care that they have been providing to injured patients.

We will work with local doctors and nurses to design “care development plans” for 5+ areas where the current trauma care could be improved to save lives. We want to help doctors and nurses determine the 5+ easy fixes in trauma care and put together plans for improving this care. A very similar exercise was done many years ago within the airline industry. Now, pilots have step-by-step checklists of what exactly they need to do in various situations to keep flights safe and crash-free.

We will train 20+ doctors and nurses in the specific injury treatments needed to improve care in each of the identified areas. We want Cameroonian doctors and nurses to use defined approaches that have been shown to work in treating injured patients. This training -- in addition to the establishment of the “care development plans” -- will improve treatment of critically injured patients in Cameroon.

Your Impact

Every $1 donated brings Cameroonians closer to having safe and expedient medical care after injury.

We need your help to make the needed changes a reality. The interventions and techniques we will be teaching aren’t complicated or resource-intensive, but they do require adequate training on what to do and when to use them. Even more importantly, helping local doctors and hospitals to start the habit of reviewing treatments and patient outcomes will allow ongoing improvements to the injury system and make quality, safe trauma care more available for thousands of Cameroonians.

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