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Save Lives and Unlock Hidden Potential of Autistic Adults



Our goal
We are creating a future where adults on the autism spectrum are thriving and connected to society
The Challenge

Adults on the autism spectrum suffer from loneliness and depression leading to suicidal ideation

Children on the autism spectrum are reaching adulthood in record numbers, and society is woefully unprepared in meeting the needs of autistic adults. Although these individuals have so much to offer society, sadly many are isolated, and living on the fringe of society. Loneliness, emotional pain, and social rejection are widely reported in the autism population. Autistic adults have one of the lowest rates of employment, but one of the highest rates of suicide attempts.

Autistic adults have talents, strengths, passions, and ideas that are a benefit and an asset to society, and it is our responsibility not to squander these assets. not living up to their full potential. Adults on the autism spectrum have one of the lowest rates of employment compared to other developmental disabilities, but they have one of the highest rates of suicide attempts, a five-fold increase compared to other mental illnesses.

After these individuals graduate from high school, they often feel alone, unsupported, and lacking the critical supports necessary for securing employment or handling the responsibilities of adult life. These milestones are challenging for many young adults, but for individuals on the autism spectrum, everyday challenges may seem overwhelming. Often, their self-esteem and confidence are further eroded, and isolated, and may even become despondent and suicidal.

Our Solution

Creating a social impact initiative to bring the strengths and talents of autistic adults to society

It is time for us to come together as a community to change the outcomes of the lives of autistic adults. The Reactor Room program is a social impact initiative designed to create new pathways and opportunities resulting in positive outcomes.

In the Reactor Room, we work together with our participants to assess their talents, skills, passions, and ideas, and then we match them with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and experts who can bring the necessary connections for each participant.

The connections from the Reactor Room lead to internships, shadowing opportunities, job opportunities, and even to marketable inventions. Some of these ideas require incubation; others require connections to accelerate their growth. We produce bespoke outcomes, and we believe in patient persistence because true and lasting change does not happen overnight. We connect these individuals to opportunities that would never have been possible without these provided by this social impact initiative.

Your Impact

The talents of autistic adults are a benefit and an asset to society

Society needs the skills and talents of adults on the autism spectrum. We connect these individuals to opportunities that would never have been possible without our social impact initiative.

We produce bespoke outcomes that empower our adults, and we believe in patient persistence. To date, we have developed a working prototype for an invention, launched a business, and created internship opportunities. Through these outcomes, we help them find their purpose and develop a sense of belonging.

$25,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 48%-Case manager salaries

  • 32%-Participant project funding

  • 20%-Project coordinator salaries

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