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Our goal
We want to improve global health by supporting our partner grassroots organization.
The Challenge

The villages are in the most demand for attention because of unemployment or poverty line income.

Odisha is the second poorest state in India. The projects that we will fund will benefit each village and will help them have basic necessities such as clothes and some small materials to generate a small income. For instance, when visiting one of the villages, we interacted with approximately 30 women who received bamboo kits in order to make and sell items such as flower vases, boats, and picture frames.

Our Solution

Community-led projects will significantly improve the disparities in each village.

If each village leader understood the benefits of these projects and informed the members about the consequences of negative behavior such as not washing hands with water after urinating, then encouraged those who committed positive behavior, it would be a different approach that does not involve a dictatorship; the community is thinking about their actions and is simply being informed about negative and positive actions.

Your Impact

One dollar equals 64 Rupees, so $10 from ten people could get us 1/4th of the way for two projects.

Each donation will directly invest the five projects that we are focusing on; tailoring machines, student scholarships, aged care packages that include clothes, bamboo kits to generate a source of income for survival, and a 3-day adolescent training program that allows the children ages 8-18 to learn about the prevalence of diseases in their community, sexual health, hygiene, and prevention and promotion of health. The adolescent training and aged care packages would impact over 300 children.

$2,060 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 49%-Adolescent Training Programs

  • 27%-10 Student Scholarships

  • 24%-Bamboo Training Kits

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Our milestones
  • Aisha

  • John

  • Kelsey

  • Sava

  • Olivia

  • Richa

  • Margaret

  • Audrey

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