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Support basic needs of Perumapatty village in TN, India



Our goal
Provide basic amenities to primary school and health care center and build water tank for community
The Challenge

The Perumapatty village lacks basic education and health care services

The primary school does not have basic amenities, such as tables, chairs or sufficient educationL materials. The primary health care center for Perumapatty lacks the equipment it needs to function properly. It needs a suction apparatus, centrifuge and also will need a compound wall to keep safe. The rural child care center 'Anganwadi' doesn't have enough chairs or supplies such as glasses and has no access to clean water.

Safe drinking water is not available- only a public drinking water source is available to the entire village, with less than satisfactory hygienic conditions in the area.

Our Solution

Provide furniture, equipment and supplies for school, child and health care centers

Not having a single source of clean water is bad for any community. The funds you donate will help us to get an RO (reverse osmosis) water machine that will provide clean water to the rural child care center. Your funds will help us get the additional equipment to the primary health care center to function better and build a compound wall for safety. They will help us provide tables, chairs and education material to the school and chairs, basic supplies, play material to the child care center.

Your Impact

By donating to our cause, you improve the quality of life for an entire village tenfolds.

Your donation will help create a healthy and convenient environment to people in Perumapatty village. By donating to this cause, you are helping a rural village meet its basic needs.

$3,113 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 62%-Healthcare equipment

  • 26%-Childcare center and community

  • 12%-School needs

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