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Our goal
We want to educate & train Black & Latinx youth to design healthy & racially equitable communities.
The Challenge

Communities of color face racial health disparities that limit their quality of life and lifespan

At Creative Reaction Lab, we’re conscious that racial equity cannot be achieved without health equity. Our organization is located in St Louis, MO, a city where there’s an 18-year life expectancy gap between Black and White residents (Health Equity Works). Even though Black & Latinx communities will make up almost 40% of the US population by 2050, many of whom are currently youth, these communities face disproportionate racial & health inequities that limit social, cultural & economic growth.

Our Solution

Community interventions will build youth leadership skills, community engagement, & healthier lives

Our mission is to educate, train, & challenge Black & Latinx youth to become civic leaders designing healthy & racially equitable communities. We’re challenging the belief that only adults with titles (e.g. mayors, CEOs, etc.) have the power & authority to dismantle systemic racial & health inequities. CDAP allows historically underinvested, criminal justice-system impacted youth the opportunity to design community interventions that address racial-health disparities in St Louis’ Promise Zone.

Your Impact

By donating $25 to our cause, you're help Black & Latinx leaders help fight racial health inequities

Your donation will provide Black & Latinx youth leaders the funds to create community intervention campaigns that address racial-health disparities such as limited healthy food access, gun violence, and limited transportation access. The 2021 cohort will focus on addressing the community trauma of gun violence in Moline Acres, Riverview Gardens, & Bellefontaine Neighbors of the St Louis Promise Zone.

$17,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 59%-Apprentices' Stipends

  • 28%-Program Materials

  • 12%-Operational Expenses

  • 1%-Processing Fees from Stripe

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Our milestones
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  • Erica


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