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Our goal
The goal of this project is to raise critical funds for cancer patient support services.
The Challenge

Addressing the emotional, psycho-social, and financial needs of our cancer patients.

Whenever something bad comes my way, I always ask myself “What am I supposed to learn from this?” About 6 years ago, I was 27 years old and I was diagnosed with breast cancer. In this instance, the answer to that question was very clear — I would be uniquely positioned to help others who are battling this disease through my own personal experiences with cancer. I’ve worked in cancer care for 11 years, but during the last six I’ve been diagnosed with cancer three times.

In 2017, a routine scan showed I had metastatic breast cancer that traveled to my liver. Through my own diagnosis, I've been able to bring deeper insights and compassion to the work I do as a Program Manager for Cancer Programming at Cleveland Clinic’s Taussig Cancer Center. I can provide empathy and understanding to other survivors, and I can tell caring people like you how much cancer patients like me rely on the tremendous services provided by Cleveland Clinic—services that YOU make possible!

Patient Support Services at Cleveland Clinic are critical to many of our patients and are entirely funded by philanthropy. These services range from financial aid—helping patients pay their bills and transportation costs— to wigs, art & music therapy, yoga, 4th Angel Mentoring, and psych-oncology. Please join me in supporting cancer patients at Cleveland Clinic by making a pledge to our campaign, which can be matched up to $250 per pledge!

Our Solution

Provide complimentary services to support patients along their cancer journey.

At Cleveland Clinic, exceptional cancer care is complemented by a wide range of services that go beyond the medical needs of patients – addressing their emotional, mental and financial needs. These important services are not covered by insurance, but are made available to all of our patients regardless of their ability to pay.

Patient Support Services are made possible thanks to the generosity of supporters like YOU from all across the country! Supporters like YOU, who understand that cancer permeates the lives of people beyond hospital walls and wants to take action to help patients in need. Through this campaign, you can join the compassionate and generous people who help our patients during their cancer journey.

Your Impact

Expanding patient care to address all the challenges associated with a cancer diagnosis.

In addition to reducing the time to treat, we are working to remove barriers to treatment. From psychosocial programs and alternative ways of coping such as art therapy and music therapy, to financial support services for transportation, and more, these important nonclinical services help cancer patients regain a sense of control and create an environment for physical, emotional and mental healing. We're proud to say that we provided patient support to more than 27,000 patients in 2018.

$25,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 33%-Access to Care

  • 32%-Financial Navigation

  • 32%-Patient Wellness

  • 3%-Stripe Processing Fee

$15,000 Campaign Booster Funding

This displays the maximum incremental additional funding the campaign could receive (Maximum Funding Amount (MFA) less Minimum Funding Goal)). For example, if the MFA is $100,000 and the MFG $10,000, it would show the difference of $90,000 here.

  • 33%-Patient wellness

  • 33%-Financial navigation

  • 34%-Access to care

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