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Support the needs of a Child Care Center in Orappam, India



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Our goal
We want to donate money to help support the needs of a child care center in Orappam, a village in TN
The Challenge

Child Care Centers in Orappam lack the necessary equipment to run a well developed child care center

Basic materials such as chairs, tables, water, and other things that we take for granted are not avaliable for children in the village, Orappam. Children cannot be properly taken of at these centers and more equipment is needed to enable a safe and functional child care center so these children can live healthy lives.

Our Solution

Donating money to buy materials and equipment can help improve the quaility of the Child Care Center

By providing money to the villages, equipment can be bought so we can provide the village care center with better equipment to bring it to a higher level of fuctionality and quaility.

Your Impact

By donating money, you can provide better equipment for children in child care centers

By donating any given amount of money, we can buy better equipment for the village's child care center so there will be a better experience and quality for children in need. Currently Ekam's success has been replicated in a total of 8 states in India,
touching a million lives, covering 1200 villages, through 3000 doctors. Ekam provides counseling and training of adolescents, health education, etc. through such centers.

$797 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 56%-RO Water Machine

  • 30%-Tables

  • 11%-Chairs

  • 2%-Stripe fees

  • 1%-Tumblers

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