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Our goal
Fund 1-3 teen students for 6 months with goal of full recovery from substance abuse
The Challenge

At risk high school youth in FL need your help

"It's time to face the elephant in the community. That we turn our back on substance abuse and our kids are dying every day from it. 90% of all substance use disorders start in adolescence." Generation Found.  We believe that a sober school that incorporates 12-step principles is a key component on the continuum of treatment and recovery management for our youth. Allowing them to focus on learning in an environment in which sobriety is required and supported.  

River Oak Center ROC has been carefully designed to be effective, available and responsive to the needs of the entire community and will serve as a model for others in Florida. There is no cost to our students for the program. ROC has demonstrated its effectiveness in a one-year proof-of-concept period, financed by private donations, and is currently experiencing high demand. There are no comparable facilities currently operating in the SE US. This is a critical unmet need.

Costs will be $800,000 in the 2018-19 , as we scale up. This will allow us to more than double the capacity of the program. 65% of this growth will be allocated to addiction recovery services provided to students, with 30% going to occupancy, transportation, and general and administrative expenses and 5% to professional services. 

Our Solution

Help struggling students commit to their recovery.

The objective is to combine ideas from local educators and leaders dedicated to making a difference in the lives of students with substance use and addiction disorders. Acknowledging the therapeutic need for a school dedicated to supporting teens who are recovering from addiction and co-occurring disorders, our team brings together experts in the fields of education and recovery to provide an environment of encouragement and support. Our vision is to support a safe and sober learning environment

It can be scary and overwhelming for a teen to go to residential treatment or begin the journey of recovery. One of the biggest challenges they face begins when they re-enter the school system. Success is measured primarily in terms of long term abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Our students are tested weekly. Our core goal is to maintain a long-term sobriety rate of 80% or more. We achieved this goal in our 1st year of operations. 

Your Impact

By donating up to $250, you can significantly impact a student's chance of successful recovery

 Your tax-deductible gift to our annual campaign translates into helping students, their families, and our community. $15,000 – Provides for a"seat" for a River Oak student, which may help 1-3 students per year. $1000 – Supports the Annual College Fair (schools with collegiate sobriety programs). $3000 – Provides a partial expense for a student. $500 – Underwrites a college research trip. $250 – Supports an academic field trip. $100 – Provides essential supplies for teachers and students. 

Pledge spending
  • 73% -

    Partial expense for 1 student

  • 12% -

    Underwrites a college research

  • 7% -

    Supports academic field trip

  • 5% -

    Essential supplies for student

  • 3% -

    Monthly drug testing fees

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