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Support Rural Child Care Center Needs of a Village-TN, India



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Our goal
Help the rural daycare center in the village Sorpanandal, TamilNadu to have the basic facilities.
The Challenge

Many Rural Child Care Centers lack basic facilities

Indian Central Government started rural child care centers called Anganwadi to help the mothers and children in Indian Villages. The center focuses on hunger, health and mal-nutrition. The government fund is not sufficient to achieve the basic facilities of the center. The fund is sometimes not sufficient even to meet all the food expenses. This project aims to provide the basic facilities of the day care center in Sorpanandal Village (Thiruvanamalai District) Tamil Nadu.

The main income for the people of Sorpanandal is only from agriculture daily wages and 100 days work by Government Scheme. So the villagers that are below the poverty line are not able to support the nutritional needs of their children.

Our Solution

Funding for basic infrastructure will help the rural day care center

Ekam did a survey and identified the gaps in the basic needs. The day care center in Sorpanandal Village lacks basic needs such as table, chairs and toys. This project focuses on creating awareness of such challenges and working together to bridge those gaps. As part of the project, we plan to fund raise and fulfill the center's needs.

Your Impact

By donating 10 dollars you can provide basic facilities for a rural day care

Your donation will help the Village Children to play with the toys in the day care center and also will help the day care center workers to run the facility in a better manner. Your donation will be used to buy a table, chairs and toys for the day care center.

Pledge spending
  • 51% -

    To be used to buy tables

  • 31% -

    To be used to buy toys

  • 16% -

    To be used to buy chairs

  • 2% -

    Stripe fees 2.2%

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Our milestones
  • Raj

  • Prabal

  • Paramita

  • Keci

  • Padmanabhan

  • Kamal

  • Anu

  • Giridhar


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