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Our goal
To provide better education and play equipment to underprivileged students in Chinamathur, India
The Challenge

Many villages across India lack proper Facilities

Many children across villages in India do not have proper facilities to learn. The government schools in India, over the past years, have all but developed a good reputation. The common complaints range from inadequate facilities including access to computers and digital technology to the quality of teachers present, among others. In today's digital world, these children may not stand a chance, without the right training with computers.

Not only will the education provided by this project help to prepare these children for the ever-changing world around them, it will also go miles to help the overall health of their village, as stated through the known correlation between education and health conditions of an area.

Our Solution

Providing computers and play materials can help students get a well rounded education

To do this my associates and I, as Ekam Youth Ambassadors are fundraising to buy computers and play materials that the village can not afford. This will cost approximately $2000 and will allow children across the village to be able to learn. With this money, we can help educate our future and make it bigger and brighter than the past ever was.

Your Impact

By donating money, you can help many children learn better through a well rounded curriculum

Your donation will give children in Chinamathur a proper institute of learning and give them the chance to learn. With the use of interactive modules such as videos, and presentations as a medium of learning, students get to understand complicated concepts with ease. It will help in increasing their interest and curiosity level. By adding technology to education, children can get better jobs and lift their families from poverty increasing the health and lifespan of the people in the village.

$2,500 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 68%-For buying computers

  • 12%-Installation/support staff

  • 12%-Teacher training

  • 8%-For play materials

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