let's work together to

support struggling mothers and grandmothers in Malawi



Our goal
ensure that Malawian mothers have the resources and knowledge they need to raise healthy children
The Challenge

Maternal and child mortality rates in Malawi remain among the world's worst.

In many ways, motherhood in Malawi is the same as Motherhood everywhere. Children are welcomed into the world with boundless love and hope. However, too often in Malawi, women do not have the resources to ensure that their children and grandchildren survive their first years.

Our Solution

Individualized respectful home-based care improves health and survival.

Newborns and critically ill postpartum women are identified and enrolled at the District Hospital. A nurse is assigned and within days of discharge visits them in their home. During each visit the nurse assesses the client, their family, home environment, and community. She offers targeted health education. She works to mobilize both family and the community in support of the program beneficiary.

Your Impact

By donating here you give greatly needed support to women in Malawi

Every day in Malawian women wake up to face great odds, and live their lives with determination, and care for children with great love. In many cases this is not enough to ensure the survival and well-being of those children. By supporting this cause you ensure that some of those facing the greatest struggles, receive support directly in their homes. This is an opportunity to impact lives simply and directly. Thank you for your support.

$6,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 58%-700 formula tins for orphan

  • 20%-Nurse salary 3mo

  • 15%-10 full tanks of gas

  • 7%-80lbs enriched porridge