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Support Suicide Prevention in Arkansas



Our goal
We want to partner with the LGBTQ+ community to support emergency mental health services in Arkansas
The Challenge

Arkansas is 10th in the nation for deaths by suicide

In 2017, the CDC ranked Arkansas as 10th in the nation for deaths by suicide per population. In 2015, Arkansas had 577 reported deaths by suicide—this is more than double the rate of homicides in the state. On average, one person commits suicide every 15 hours. These growing statistics underscore the importance of our vision: Zero Suicides in Arkansas by 2025.

Our Solution

Expanding 24/7 emergency mental health services can save lives

By expanding emergency mental health services to the broader population of Arkansas, our organization will be able to make a meaningful step towards our goal of reducing suicide in our state to zero.

Your Impact

Every dollar donated supports mental health among our LGBTQ+

This year, the Arkansas Crisis Center has partnered with a local Johnson & Johnson office in Rogers, AR to coordinate a live event for the immediate community to raise funds and generate awareness particularly within the LGBTQ+ community. Learn more at https://www.bentonvillefollies.org/

$2,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 40%-Volunteer coordinator outreach

  • 30%-3 Crisis Call Specialists

  • 10%-Advertise service

  • 10%-Additional phone lines

  • 5%-Expand hours of operation

  • 4%-Training costs

  • 1%-Informational materials

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Our milestones
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