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Our goal
We want to enable women in the Kivu to be able to feed their families without risking their lives.
The Challenge

Kidnap and rape are the price women in Kivu pay for going to their farms in the forest.

For a quarter of a century, simmering violence has been the context of life in the Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo. Technically, the war end in 2003, but guerrilla groups still infest the forests and make incursions into the villages. Rape is used as a weapon of war, leaving broken bodies, shattered lives, and death in its path. Just 3 months ago, 6 women from Munene were ambushed, serial raped, and held for ransom; one died of injuries, all needed long hospitalization.

Subsistence farming and gathering wood are the main means of surviving for village women in Kivu. Fields are in the forests, where they also collect wood to sell, but this has become a high-risk way to earn a living. Repeatedly, women and girls (as young as 8) have been ambushed and/or kidnapped in the forest. Sometimes they are killed, always they suffer injuries to both body and spirit. Sometimes families are beggared to find ransoms, sometimes husbands reject wives who have been raped.

The Center for Mentoring Children in Difficulties (CENEDI), a locally established non-profit in Kivu, works with immediate and long-term needs of children and their families in 2 small villages, Munene et Kiboke, outside Uvira. About 100 members of these communities have suffered sexual assault since the war was declared over (not counting the ones before). The community cries out to address the circumstances which have contributed so much to the repeated violent attacks on girls and women.

Our Solution

The 100 women in Munene village need a farm near home, but land close to the village is expensive.

The women need a source of food and income which does not put them at risk of rape. They can and do scratch out small fields in the forest cheaply - as far as money goes. The cost to their health of body and mind is extremely high! A cooperative farm, owned by the non-profit CENEDI, will enable these women to live in safety. Two plots of land, for $6500 and $8000, have been identified for sale in Munene.

A Success Story: With the assistance of friends, CENEDI has rented the smaller property for a price of $300 for 18 months. (If they do not buy it, they risk losing access; the new owner might not rent it to them or might charge a much higher fee.) The women’s cooperative has cleared and fenced the land and planted corn and cassava, the staple crops of the region, along with some vegetables, as a pilot project farm. This has been quite successful; harvesting corn and peanuts has just begun.

Your Impact

By donating $50, you will give the farm $100. Help 100 women have hope for a healthy future!

With a source of food which they can grow close to home, 100 women will be able to feed their families and begin to save to pay their children's school fees and start a little business. With the farm close at hand, they will not be at risk of rape or death in the forest, and children will not be orphaned.

$6,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 98%-To pay for the farm.

  • 2%-To pay Stripe & transfer fees.

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  • 98%-To buy the larger farm.

  • 2%-To pay Stripe & transfer fees.

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