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Our goal
Create a scalable and sustainable job solution, career development & personal mentorship program.
The Challenge

The lack of sustainable job opportunities creates systemic psychological & physical deprivation.

It's estimated that more than two-thirds of the labor force in Haiti do not have jobs (CIA World Factbook). This leaves people mentally and physically malnourished, vulnerable to disease & feeling worthless. Without the opportunity for a sustainable job, income & development, the advancement of the entire family system will continue to suffer from the inability to access basic needs, such as education, healthcare or even transportation to change the trajectory of their own future and well-being.

Our Solution

Model a new way! Create a Call Center, leadership development & mentorship program that is scalable.

We believe a call center is a sustainable job solution & a platform to integrate a training, career & leadership development & virtual mentorship program that facilitates the exercise & strengthening of critical-thinking life skills & competencies. With advanced english language skills, familiarity with technology & intentional life mentoring, they will be better equipped to break the cycle of poverty & lead their own towards social & economic empowerement.

Your Impact


Employment is a bridge. Technology is a bridge. Leadership & Mentorship is a bridge. JOIN US in BRIDGING THE GAP towards restoration and the next generation OF LEADERS!

$15,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 53%-VanillaSoft Software

  • 17%-Technology/Office Equipment

  • 17%-Construction/Build Space

  • 13%-Mentoring & Training materials

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Our milestones
  • Susie

  • Wendy

  • Derek

  • Mike

  • Thomas

  • Mirta

  • Eric

  • Megan


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