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Build dormitories for Girls & Boys at an Orphanage PHASE 2



Our goal
We want to build dormitory facilities that are safe, warm and secure for orphans in Kenya
The Challenge

Every child should have a safe and secure place to sleep and get enough rest.

Currently, Joshua Village for Orphans is housing 45 children. 20 boys and 25 girls. The space where they sleep is full to capacity. Other vulnerable children are not accomodated due to inadequate sleeping space. Limited space makes mobilit difficult and the rooms have no windows, therefore there is no proper ventilation. Without proper ventilation, the children are vulrable to respiratory transmiltted diseases such as flu or common colds. High incidence occurs between November and December.

Our Solution

Larger, warmer, secure well ventilated dormitories will lower transmission of cold & flu germs.

We will educate the children about the importance of reducing the transmissiong of cold and flu virus by washing their hands frequently, covering their mouth when coughng or sneezing. We are aware that good ventilation in a home will greatly reduce the number of health issues risk like asthma, allergies and even headaches. By reducing dampness, common triggers that cause respiratory problems are reduced. A warmer, well ventilated dormitory will help the children thrive in a healthier environment

Your Impact

Your Donation will start the ground breaking process

The entire project will cost $30,000. Bulding 1 dormitory for boys and 1 for girls and furnishings. The children live at Joshua Village for Orphans all year long. The new dormitories will benefit the children by keeping them warm, secure and safe. Every child should feel safe and secure when they go to sleep. The dormitories will allow them to thrive in a nurturing, ecucational environment. Most of all, they will have better ventilation which will decrease the incidence of respiratory illness.

$10,240 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 25%-Cement

  • 24%-Labor

  • 18%-Sand

  • 10%-Gravel

  • 7%-Concrete blocks

  • 7%-Bricks

  • 6%-Plaster

  • 2%-Stripe

  • 1%-Steel wire

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Our milestones

  • Pauline

  • Aneta

  • Helen

  • Fe

  • Ellise

  • Jodi

  • Rose


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