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Give urgent nutrition to 50 malnourished HIV+ children


It's World Food Day and your donations are worth celebrating

Today, Monday 16th October 2017, is World Food Day. So we wanted to share some facts with you, and how you are helping to make a change: - Did you know that 165 Million people around the world Suffer from childhood malnutrition - if they joined their hands together they could form a circle around the entire Earth! - Over a quarter of the world's undernourished people live in Sub-Saharan Africa. - The USA wastes approximately 141 trillion calories worth of food every day. That adds up to about $165 billion per year — 4 times the amount of food Africa imports each year. It doesn't have to be this way. With your donations last year we were able to successfully support 47 HIV+ malnourished children with a minimum of three months Nutritional support to help them get healthy. Simple interventions can change lives! Today, we wanted to share with you a short video so you can get a direct insight to just one of the children's lives you have changed. Click on the link below and meet Boldwin, who you helped us to support.

Progress is possible with your support.....

Thanks to your donations and support at the beginning of 2017 we spent time undertaking home visits, to understand the needs of our patients, and identifying those most in need of nutritional support. Finding the initial 25 children and adolescents who were eligible was sadly not difficult. Many of the children were so malnourished and underweight they were suffering with opportunistic infections and alongside nutritional support also required supervised palliative care to help them get well. This included individuals like Clevis, 18: Clevis came to TTF in 2016. Having never previously been tested for HIV his immune system was suffering, he weighed only 30.7kgs (68lbs), and he was suffering with a lot of HIV related illnesses. After starting him on HIV treatment, thanks to your support, we were quickly able enroll him into the nutrition program to receive weekly food packages, nutritional education, supervised palliative care and weekly counselling. We have been working with him to help him to understand HIV and the importance of medication to lead a healthy life and we were also able to diagnose him with TB and initiate him onto TB treatment. After 3 months of being on the nutritional support program Clevis had gained almost 9kgs (20lbs). The other infections impacting his body began to clear up and he started to have a lot more energy. His immune system began to recover and with in-depth counselling he was able to start to understand what it means to live with HIV and the importance of taking your medication as prescribed. This also meant he was able to achieve viral suppression - meaning the virus isn't detectable within his bloodstream. Clevis has a long way to go in becoming well nourished, gaining weight and becoming completely healthy but with your donations we have been able to quickly support him in his path to recovery. With an undetectable viral load he can live a very healthy life as his immune system continues to recover and and his likelihood of transmitting the virus is reduced to zero.


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Our goal
Provide 50 HIV+ vulnerable, malnourished, children with a chance to gain weight, get healthy and thrive in life.
The Challenge

In Zambia, malnutrition affects 45% of

the population, impacting the most vulnerable such as children living with HIV+.



Tiny Tim & Friends (TTF) works in Zambia to support HIV+ children to lead healthy, positive lives. At the end of last year the CARINGCROWD Community successfully supported Tiny Tim & Friends in funding the re-launch of our nutrition project.  Through your generous donations, we supported 25 malnourished children and their families; providing them with weekly food packages, nutritional education, hygiene advice, and regular monitoring to ensure their successful weight gain and improved health. 



Over the last six months our nutrition project has grown to support 36 children and their extended families. We faced challenges and failures, and saw great successes. We are taking lessons learned to adapt and develop the programme, tailoring our approach to each child to ensure greater levels of success. 



For a child living with HIV, taking medications is essential to successful treatment. Without food, many children suffer side effects from their antiretrovirals (ARVs), making them less likely to take their medication. Instability in the Zambian economy over the last year has led to a steep depreciation of the currency, lack of employment opportunities for individuals, and increased living and food costs. At the TTF Clinic we are seeing many children losing weight due to lack of food in the home.

TTF works with many children who live in low-income households, where food is scarce and children are at high-risk of quickly become malnourished. Poor nutrition - coupled with missed medications - can result in adverse outcomes such as HIV-related infections, including tuberculosis, pneumonia, and sometimes death.

We work hard to continually improve our programmes, to adapt and make changes based on the challenges we are seeing, tailoring the care we provide to meet the needs of individual children and their families. We have learned from the challenges faced in the last six months and are improving our nutrition programme to include:

- Palliative care for children whose weight is well below the 1st percentile on the BMI index,

- Home visits to  assess social stability and suitability of nutritional support vs. alternative care

- Monthly medical assessments for each child to address ongoing medical complaints

- Provision of de-worming medications and chlorine for families to reduce instances of diarrhea

- Hygiene talks to address food preparation techniques and improve food safety

- Tailored nutrition plans and food packages for each child

We are confident that we can achieve even greater success and ensure the improved health and wellbeing of every single vulnerable HIV+ child we treat through our Nutrition programme.



SAMSON & ESTHER: Three year old Samson was significantly underweight for his age and suffering with a range of health complaints. As a single mother without a job, Esther was struggling to feed her children. In just 3 months on the nutrition programme Samson gained over 3.5kgs (8lbs) shifting him to the 83% on the BMI index. Plus, with money saved from food, Esther was able to set up a small business, providing a more regular income for her family. Read More...

PAUL: We know this project works, as we have seen the successes. Paul, aged 17, began the nutrition programme significantly malnourished: at only 40kgs he registered as well below the 1st Percentile for his age and height on the BMI index. Over the course of six months, Paul gained over 11kgs (25lbs -over a 25% weight increase!) and grew 5cms. He learned how to prepare his own meals and how to eat a well balanced diet, plus the education he received on food hygiene has led to a reduction in the number of stomach infections he was suffering with. For Paul, the impact of this programme has been immeasurable.



With your donations we can raise $16,940, which will provide: Weekly nutritional support and education for up to 50 HIV+ children and their families (each family being ideally enrolled for three months); Emergency palliative care to 10 incredibly malnourished children to raise their base weight on entry into the programme; Home assessments for 50 families to help our staff understand the living conditions of the children and to help customize nutritional packs for each child. 

$25 per week will provide an average family with a weekly food package and nutritional education, while $305 will support a family for the entire three months.

$110 can provide the initial palliative care needed bring them to a baseline weight and help us to make an assessment on their medical vs. social needs.

$275 enables us to undertake 25 home assessments to understand the social issues affecting a child's nutritional status, and suitability for inclusion in the nutrition programme

By working together we can help a vulnerable HIV+ child gain weight and improve their health and wellbeing, reduce malnutrition and HIV-related illnesses like TB, increase educational opportunities, increase social interaction and social development, and improve awareness of good nutrition.



WEEKLY NUTRITION PACKS 227 12 50 136,200 $13,620
EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS 46 1 50 2,300 $230
TRANSPORT FOR FAMILIES 16 18 50 14,400 $1,440
PALLIATIVE CARE 440 2.5 10 11,000 $1,100
HOME ASSESSMENTS 110 1 50 5,500


TOTAL COSTS - - - 169,400 $16,940*

*Based on the average exchange rate of 2016 K10/$1



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