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Hurricane Maria Relief: Help Children with Diapers


Sweet Diego

It’s a joy to introduce you to sweet Diego. He’s a tender loving 12 year old who loves going to school, long hugs, baths, and playing with his brother. He lives with autism, schizophrenia, and ADHD and relies on the support of diapers to keep him clean, dry, and healthy. When Hurricane Maria struck, Diego really struggled because his environment had changed so much. Because of the devastation to his school, which he loved ferociously, he had to change schools and so many other aspects of his life were changed. His Mom, Louisa, struggled to provide for him. Because of his special needs, he needs a caregiver 24 hours a day, which means she can’t work. Affording diapers, medication, and food was a daily struggle. Louisa was overjoyed when she received a complete set of cloth diapers for him. With his basic needs met, she no longer has to choose between diapers, medication, and food. Diego and his family have settled into a new post-Maria normal. He’s enjoying a new school and is back to his giggly loving self again. Thanks for helping Diego & Louisa. I encourage you to reach me at [email protected] with any questions you may have, I’d love to hear from you. ~ Stephanie P.S. Check out our other projects at www.caringcrowd.org/jakes-diapers

Dignity, Hope & Confidence for Puerto Rico

Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated Puerto Rico last September. Now one-year later, power is still spotty and largely dependent on generators. Internet and cell services are back, but only intermittently. Life for residents in Puerto Rico is nowhere near close to normalcy. Poverty was already widespread throughout the territory before Hurricane Maria made landfall on September 20, 2017. “Puerto Rico had a very unique situation before Maria. There are a lot of people with a large need and Maria uncovered those realities to the world,” shares Iveliz, a representative at The Jannsen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson. Iveliz was born & raised in Puerto Rico, and has years of experience volunteering in humanitarian relief. “We still have a lot of communities without power and electricity here - so it’s difficult. Also, [there is a lack of] running and clean water.” As we approach the anniversary of Hurricane Maria, we want to help Puerto Rico in a big way! We just launched an all-or-nothing CaringCrowd campaign, and Johnson & Johnson is matching donations, dollar for dollar. Any gift you make, no matter the size, adds up to big change. That means more diapers, more hope, and more dignity for Puerto Rico! The good news? Over the course of the last year, your generous gifts have already impacted 1,000 lives in communities across the territory by providing 12,239 cloth diapers to families and caretakers in need. You've made a strong environmental impact too. The total diapers delivered equals 6,119,500 disposable diapers, preventing over 4 million pounds of diapers from ever entering landfills. But our work continues. “It's very, very, very important to keep doing what you are doing right now. It’s peace of mind for those we serve, and so much more.” Iveliz said. Every dollar makes a difference! Let's show Puerto Rico that we have their backs. With our thanks, Stephanie Bowers, Founder & CEO


Hurricane Maria had a devastating impact on everyone in Puerto Rico and beyond. Every basic necessity was affected by this terrible storm. Included in these necessities were diapers. In fact necessities like diapers and feminine products were hit extremely hard. Access before wasn’t always easy, but the storm made it quite difficult for all sorts of different reasons. Enter Loraine, a loving mom of two. Loraine had been studying English to become a teacher when she became pregnant with her third child. When she found out she was pregnant, she put her studies on hold to care for her new child. Her baby was born almost exactly when the storm hit. “It was real scary,” Loraine said as she described having her baby around the same time as Hurricane Maria hit. The uncertainty of it all, not to mention, being able to provide for her other kids, worried her immensely. But, Loraine made it through and is making it one day at a time thanks in part to Jake’s Diapers. Loraine stated that not only was she amazed that Jake’s Diapers provided diapers, but that there were diapers and wipes, neatly bagged and organized. Loraine was so inspired that she helped deliver diapers to distribution centers. The first day she worked with Jake’s Diapers, they drove from 8 am to 11 pm, delivering diapers to families in dire need. Loraine said the experience has been very inspiring. Loraine said before Jake’s Diapers, many moms did not change diapers because they didn’t have anything to replace the old diaper with. After Jake’s Diapers had arrived on the scene, moms would cry at the sight of fresh diapers they could keep. Loraine said it was like someone getting a check for a million dollars—that’s how important these were to these women. Loraine remembered one story in particular where a little boy desperately needed diapers and when she was able to give the diapers to the boy, the mom cried because up to this point they were choosing between diapers and food. And the shock of free diapers was overwhelming. Loraine said she plans on continuing to distribute diapers as long as the need is there. It is an amazing thing Loraine is doing, and the work we do wouldn’t be possible without her and our other amazing community partners in Puerto Rico. Most of all, our work wouldn’t be possible without your continued financial support. Thanks for helping babies! ~ Stephanie Stephanie Bowers, Project Leader [email protected]


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Our goal
Launch the Puerto Rico Diaper Bank, with a partner agency in each of Puerto Rico's 78 cities
The Challenge

Hurricane Maria has devastated Puerto Rico

Children are the most vulnerable population when disaster strikes. For young infants and children, who depend upon a supply of diapers for basic sanitation and hygiene, Hurricane Maria has been exceptionally devastating. Inadequate or no diapers, especially in times of stress, can lead to significant negative health consequences.

Our Solution

The Puerto Rico Diaper Bank will provide long term relief and recovery

Until now, Puerto Rico has not had it's own diaper bank. The Puerto Rico Diaper Bank will collect, store, and distribute both diapers and feminine hygiene items (cloth & disposable) through a trusted network of partner agencies, one in each of Puerto Rico's 78 cities.

These items will be provided to struggling, low income individuals and families, to help lift them out of poverty and encourage self-sufficiency. By meeting basic needs, families will be able to focus on long term relief, recovery, and rebuilding- all steps setting them up for future success.

Your Impact

By donating as little as $10, you will help children survive and thrive!

As these children have their diapering needs solved, they are able to focus on other basic needs as part of recovery and rebuilding. All these steps combined help set these children and their families up for long term success.