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Improve Medical Care in Villages



Our goal
Build healthy communities, easy access to medical care
The Challenge

Villages do not have access to life saving equipment

Villages in rural india have limited access to healthcare due to long distance to travel for hospitals. The local health centers don't always have life-saving equipment in working condition. Lives are lost due to the lack of basic medical facilities.

Our Solution

Saving more lives with the available resources

Ekam works to empower communities at grassroots level and improve medical care, access to treatment quickly to those in need. Ekam provides supplies, training of nurses and payment for treatment, to those in need.

A survey of needs revealed that to run the lab, the village primary health center needs a Centrifuge for blood tests, suction apparatus and an EKG machine. This will help the medical staff diagnose and treat patients appropriately and in a timely fashion. Ekam is helping to raise fund

Your Impact

Successful Reduction of child and mother mortality since 2009

Currently Ekam's success has been replicated in a total of 8 states in India, touching a million lives, covering 1200 villages, through 3000 doctors. Ekam has supported medical treatment for 12,000 children.

$2,500 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 40%-Nurses training

  • 30%-Rural health camps/ campaigns

  • 20%-Volunteer training/ monitoring

  • 10%-Trainer accommodation/ food

See how far we've come

Our milestones
  • Jenny

  • Piet

  • Amy

  • Sanjay

  • Connie

  • Kyle

  • Gopala

  • Narasimha


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