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Vaccinate the Orphans and the Most Vulnerable


Thank you!

We now are able to vaccinate 210 children so far who are vulnerable to disease and sickness who would not have themselves enough personal resources to pay for a cure. This is so kind and generous of you to take the time and donate to help us prevent tetanus, meningitis and typhoid fever! Thank you. Merci Thank you! About $500 to go. Lets make it happen.


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Our goal
We want to prevent Typhoid Fever, Meningitis and Tetanus in 2 villages in the Ivory Coast
The Challenge

People live in close quarters. Basic sanitation/clean water are lacking

There is a higher risk of typhoid fever in countries with low standards of hygiene and water supply facilities according to WHO making the disease one of the most serious infectious disease threats to public health on a global scale.

Our Solution

The nurse from the clinic will vaccinate 240 children.

The vulnerable and orphaned children have already been identified in 2 poverty stricken villages with unsanitary conditions where the children live and go to school. Health officials from the clinic will vaccinate the children at the school and speak to them about the importance of disease prevention through proper hand washing with soap and vaccinations.

Your Impact

Buy some shots! Donate $50 to vaccinate 4 children.

Your donation will improve the chances for these 240 vulnerable and orphaned children to survive the challenges of living a healthy life. Just $12.50 will buy one vaccine to prevent typhoid, meningitis and Tetanus for these children. Since most families make barely $1 per day curing diseases like these are too costly for them. Prevention is the way to ensure that the children will have a chance in life and not suffer from these deadly diseases.