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Our goal
Minimize downtime of vital life saving machines at Hospital Delivery rooms & NICUs
The Challenge

Newborns and mothers are frequently at risk due to medical equipment not in working condition

Maternal and infant deaths can be attributed to many factors, including lack of critical equipment, distances to health facilities, low staffing at hospitals, and extreme poverty. Often, Critical medical equipment at hospital delivery rooms and NICUs (Neontala Intensive Care Units) such as patient monitors, pumps, Ultrasound machines , X-ray machines, etc. are not in working condition. Due to this patients that need these facilities cannot get diagnostics done and correct treatment provided.

Our Solution

Repair equipment

Ekam employees will identify equipment that is not functionling and will have them repaired within 30 minutes of being called. Annual maintenance contracts will be entered into to ensure availability. Previously Govt. hospitals had only 16% of equipment in working condition. Currently with Ekam's involvement, 96% of the equipment is in working condition, ensuring delivery of health care to many lives every day.

Your Impact

Availability of Critical Life Saving Equipment at NICUs helps save Infant lives

Your dontation will help ensure critical life saving equipment at delivery rooms and NICUs are functioning and available when needed. This will save lives of many newborn babies and mothers.

$2,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 50%-For maintenance contracts

  • 50%-Repair of equipment

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Our milestones
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