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Upgrade the ICU in Bannu hospital in a tribal area of India



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Our goal
We want to provide an ICU service in our hospital at Eturnagaram of the Warangal district in India
The Challenge

ICU facility is available after reaching 150 kms in Tribal region of Eturnagaram in India

There is an immense deficit of basic primary and secondary health care medical services in our service areas of Eturnagaram, Thadvai, Mangapeta, Mulugu, and Govindaraopet of the Warangal district. There is only one qualified private doctor serving a population of 100,000 for the three mandalas of Eturnagram, Tadvai and Mangapeta. Each mandala also has non-qualified medical practitioners who practice some basic allopathic medicine without any formal training or qualifications.

There are approximately 100 of these providers in the mandalas. These practitioners serve the majority of the medical needs of these people by initiation of some basic treatment. If the recommended treatment does not work, these providers will then refer the patient to Warangal city private hospitals.

An ICU stay in a private hospital can cost between $450 to $600 per day. Tribal agency people are not affordable to meet the expenses. They need to travel 150 kms to avail such medical services. The healthcare available to the people in this area is just for basic treatments and first-aids. Bannu hospital is there in Eturnagram which is not having ICU facility. No hospitals near to them.

Our Solution

To provide ICU services to Tribal agency population in Eturnagram

Bannu hospital normally receives patients have poor outcomes after surgery, severely injured, patients with serious infections, patients have breathing trouble, pregnant women, children, elders and who are in need of ICU services. These people are to be looked after who need ventilators, medications to support blood pressure, high-tech treatments and close monitoring from doctors and nurses trained. 60% of them are coming to the health centre at late nights.

Up-gradation of ICU facility of the health centre will definitely save almost all patients come to the Bannu hospital.

Your Impact

By donating $2500, you can help the tribal populace health care

Your donations will save the poor patients who are in need of medical emergency (ICU services) in Eturnagram of Warangal district, Telangana state, India. 100,000 patients will be benefited through this health centre.

$2,500 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 60%-To upgrade hospital with ICU

  • 40%-To meet upgrading ICU expenses

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